I also teach organ, improvisation, music theory, listening, piano and choir conducting privately in Cologne.
If you are interested, for example, in preparing for an entrance examination at a music college, or if you would like to continue your education as a church musician, please drop me an eMail.

  • during my studies: student assistant, organ assistant and
  • substitute professorship for organ improvisation
  • 2002-09 teacher for organ improvisation at the church music schoolSchlüchtern 
  • seit 2006 teacher in organ, improvisation and choir conducting in the Archbishopric of Cologne in Germany 
  • seit 2010 in Erzbischöflichen Musikschule des Kölner Domchoresteacher of organ, improvisation and piano at the Archbishop’s Music School of the Cologne Cathedral Choir 
  • seit 2012 teaching assignments for choral singing and piano playing at the University of Cologne  
  • 2014 speaker at the 19-th Cologne discussion on architecture and monument preservation, “Organ monument preservation – preserving sound monuments for the future” Wuppertal/Immanuelkirche
  • from 1992 private students in organ, improvisation, composition, aural training, harpsichord and piano 
  • During late 2019 and early 2020 Bärenreiter/Kassel will publish both volumes of my Improvisation School for Organ Feuer&Farbe(May 2019)